Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Warner Bros. Acquires Film Rights to Dystopian Novel FKA USA

Warner Bros. Acquires Film Rights to Dystopian Novel FKA USA

Warner Bros. acquires film rights to dystopian novel FKA USA

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. Pictures has bought the rights to author Reed King’s forthcoming book titled FKA USA, a dystopian-themed novel, with a seven-figure deal. The film will be produced by Andrew Lazar through his Mad Chance banner along with Glasstown Entertainment.

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FKA USA is a science fiction novel that re-imagines United States in a time where, in the wake of environmental disasters and the catastrophic policies of its final president, the Fifty States have seceded and given way to a series of lawless territories. The story is set in the year 2085 and it will revolve around four central characters: Truckee Wallace, a factory worker in Crunchtown 407 (formerly Little Rock, Arkansas), a talking goat, an android robot who desires to be a human and a former convict lobotomized in Texas. The four of them will go on a journey across the continent with a sensitive political mission on which the fate of the world may just depend.

The book is scheduled to published on June 2019 by Amy Einhorn of Flatiron Books.

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